On Jan. 22, the first of many meetings with the chancellor and SGA occurred. While the normal smell of pizza wafted through the air of the lower hangar, students gathered to listen to Dr. Ayers speak about the happenings of the campus.

The big announcement was that the lights on Rummel Road are up and running. This provides a nice lighted path so when walking down the sidewalk the drivers can now see pedestrians much more easily.

On Jan. 20, the heating went out in Hall 9. Sodexo worked vigorously to fix the problem for a couple days. Since it was such a weird scenario, they ordered more parts to fix the issue again if were to rise up.

The campus will be smoke-free starting Fall 2013. There was a meeting late in the week of Jan. 28 to discuss some of the issues and concerns of the students and faculty.

Many changes have been made to the housing selection process going into this term’s selection. Information was sent out on Feb. 1 about what is needed. Several forums have been put together for better understanding of the process and to make improvements towards housing selection.

During this meeting, the SGA also presented a few things about what is being planned and what they need some help with. Remember to keep using the suggestion board if you have something you want to get on campus.

A student guide is being built on how to succeed with the different professors on campus. SGA needs some help getting information on what certain professors are like.

Mike Dawson spoke about sexual awareness on the Jan. 25. Also on that day was the bongo ball night where students played a version of paintball but used nerf footballs instead of paint.

The new bike racks have been installed around the halls to incorporate the number of bikers on campus.

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