The Central Arizona Concert Band took center stage at the Davis Learning Center (DLC) as Prescott’s most talented musicians all combined for one very spectacular show. It was such a pleasure to see both of our generations in attendance to witness such a fantastic performance by such superb individuals. The performers were a combination of soon-to-be hit musicians, and people who are simply performing for the fun of it. The combination of both groups left the crowd speechless as there was not one seat empty in the house.

What really made this group of performers stand out from others is the amount of discipline they had. It takes an great deal of hard work and discipline to put on such a show. The group consisted mostly of  senior citizens continuing an old hobby and high school students. That is what surprised me the most out of anything. This was a time where both of our generations could come together and watch something they all enjoyed.

One of the younger performers happened to be Prescott native Lauren Sherwood. She graduated from Prescott High School in 2012, and currently attends Yavapai College. “I have played the flute it seems like for my entire life, and it is music that has really opened up my mind to other things,” she said. There were two other younger performers. Lucas Harrell played the clarinet and is a junior at Prescott High School. Last, but certainly not least, is Naomi Worob who is also a junior at Prescott High School and plays the flute.

A favorite song that night had to have been the Jurassic Park theme song. The musicians did an amazing job and a few people that night were probably wishing they had picked up an instrument in high school.

The amount of work these individuals had to go through to perfect this song is commendable.

The crowd at the DLC to witness the performance were mostly senior citizens and residents from the Las Fuentes retirement community, however there was a fair amount of young people in attendance as well. This turn out showed that the community has a huge amount of respect for music and the arts and always will for generations to come.


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