On the evening of Jan. 17, students from all over the school gathered to play a game called bongoball. Put together by the BCA, this game consisted of inflated structures placed around the play area, two teams, a helmet, and an air gun with a nerf foam dart inside of it. The goal of the game is simple; hit all the people on the other team with a bongoball without getting hit yourself. The rules sounded simple, but putting it into play was a different story. At the beginning, a short speech was given by a BCA member, who welcomed all of the students, from freshman to seniors, who gathered to participate. The beginning of the event was slow, due to last minute teams being put together and slight confusion between who was going first and who followed them. After a couple rounds, however, people started to find their place and the event started to move faster. A large number of the attendants were the Residential Assistants (RAs) from Mingus and the upperclassmen housing. Some of them actually invited a couple of residents to attend and enjoy the event. The RAs even put a team together, including the Associate Director of Student Life, Jason Langston. This event quickly became a hit, as students were acquainted and reacquainted with one another. Some were even inclined to invite some friends that they barely knew to join their team. Scores weren’t an important factor in this event, but rather a good time was. Students who faced defeat simply went back in line to try again with different strategies and tactics. Some games had such intense competition that some nerf bullets were accidentally shot into the crowd, resulting in a few minor, humorous injuries to unsuspecting spectators. One game ended humorously quickly, which included Noah Daneman, an RA, sarcastically yelling “I’m so good at this game!” when he was eliminated in the first 10 seconds of his game as part of the RA team. The competition continued on for hours as students rearranged teams, strategy, and even costumes quickly in order to add a bit of hilarity to their attempted victory. After many laughs and fun games, the students had to call it a night when it was well past midnight. The students, however, look forward to the next time that they will be able to shoot at each other and share such a good time with each other as they had.

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