Arnold Air Society hosted a two-day blood drive on Thursday Jan. 24 at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Activity Center, and on Jan. 25 in the Lower Hangar. United Blood Services (UBS) has set a goal that they wanted to recruit 34 donors on the first day, and 24 on the second. This goal was quickly surpassed however, and between the two days there were a total of 90 donors, 40 of whom were “power-red” donors and gave two pints each of red blood cells. Tyler Schulz, the blood drive coordinator, credits this success to “the Embry-Riddle community feeling generous.”

This blood drive follows a tradition of successful blood drives that have come before it here at ERAU. These blood drives are held to support UBS, who then transports, tests, and delivers the blood to the hospitals where it is needed. During this blood drive, an email was sent out to all donors who were registered in the Prescott area announcing that there was a special need for donors with the “O-“ blood type, and this may have been part of what led to the large success of the drive.

UBS also has several programs to keep donors registered with them interested, like faster check-in at blood drives, the ability to make appointments, and a rewards program where donors can get free movie tickets, shirts, and other rewards for giving blood.

Blood drives like this one are crucial to the emergency health care system, since there is a patient in need of blood every two seconds in the Unites States, and the average transfusion requires three pints of blood. Interested donors are encouraged to visit the UBS website [] and find out where the next blood drives will be held.

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