For researchers and information geeks, it doesn’t get any better than this: fresh, new sources of information to dig into. Next time your paper calls for scholarly research, try using one of these four brand-spanking-new subscription databases:

1      Business Source Complete –EBSCO. Source for scholarly business research.  Looking for  information about the financial health of the world’s airlines? Try this one. A keyword search for “airlines” turned up articles from sources like “International Journal of Business & Management”, “Accounting Perspectives”, and “International Journal of Business & Social Science”. Sources your professors will love!

2      Communication and Mass Media Complete – EBSCO. Journal articles in areas related to communication and mass media. Doing a paper on the effects of social media (Twitter, Facebook)? Try this one – it brought back articles like these: “Interpersonal Surveillance on Social Media”(Canadian Journal of Communication) and “Face It: The Impact of Gender on Social Media Image” (Communication Quarterly.)

3      CultureGrams – Perfect for international relations, intelligence, history and other GSIS-related courses.  CultureGrams delivers full reports on a country – everywhere  from South Sudan, the world’s newest country, to Mali, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea and beyond! Country Reports deliver everything about a country from its language and population to the really important stuff – diet, lifecycle, greetings, gestures and recreation.

4      International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center – EBSCO – another great database in support of GSIS, constitutional, and country studies. When I searched for information about Muslim Brotherhood this database returned articles such as: “The Muslim Brotherhood Evolution: An Overview” (American Foreign Policy Interests), “The Muslim Brotherhood Reborn” (Middle East Quarterly) and “Islam is the Solution”, Constitutional Visions of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood” from Texas International Law Journal.

These are just the newest from more than 100 databases, e-book catalogs and video sources to choose from that support your learning in all majors from GSIS to AE, AS and beyond.

Best of all? They’re just a click away at the Hazy Library webpage [].

Click the Databases tab from the homepage, then click A-Z List of Databases and you’re good to go. These sources are available here on campus through ERNIE, from your instructor’s Blackboard page and even remotely after you’re logged onto ERNIE and navigated to the Library homepage.

Happy New Year 2013! And happy researching!

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