Taking an editorial on the first issue back was very daunting. Many who know me know that I do not hesitate to take on the issues that matter in this country. In the 26 days I was gone over Christmas break, a lot happened. Our country suffered a horrible tragedy in Connecticut over the break that looks to derail our country. Sides are being drawn across the country and upon Capitol Hill itself.

I wanted to come back and avoid this topic until the debate started to settle and I would be able to see where the country stood, but that was not going to happen. Many people came and asked my opinion within days of my return to Prescott. I thought that the best way would be here and now. What happened on that fateful day is something that will not be forgotten anytime soon. People have been lashing out at the Second Amendment not realizing that we are letting our fear get in the way of what is really at stake.

I am a hunter and a right-to-bear-arms advocate, but people automatically look at a gun and say it is terrible and wrong. In the last two months, the people of the United States have purchased enough firearms to arm the entire armies of China and India combined. The right to bear arms allows a United States citizen to own firearms.

History has shown that the dictators of the past used their authoritative powers to disarm their citizens as they ascended to power. The United States stands at a crossroad where both sides are starting to overreact. State governments have already acted on either side. Some have already passed legislation or others that have stated they will stand with the people. Citizens across the country are fearing the outcome of legislation that would take their firearms away, but with fear escalating on both sides we lose sight of the real issue, the very country we hold dear.

I for one do not enjoy the idea of the government watching my every move, but when the facts are taken into account this incident should not have happened. The idea of gun control is a very fine line that both sides take personally. Neither wants to give way to the idea, but the idea here is not gun control. The tragedy occurred with the gun in the hands of someone that should not have had a gun in the first place.

Banning firearms in general is a move that will only bring more chaos across this country. When you remove firearms from those that would treat them with respect and defend the innocent, you only make them defenseless against the ones that would commit crimes. The country is acting in fear after one of the most horrific events that has occurred in our history. Rash decisions will only create terrible outcomes. The United States must step back and look at the situation before both sides react in ways that can undermine and destroy this great country.

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