It was a chilly afternoon on the Jan. 17 as the first club fair of 2013 kicked off a new semester and a new year for the busy students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. All the clubs were out again filling up every table in the Lower Hanger.

The Greek Life organizations were out with their giant sized Greek letters and their exquisitely painted decorations. Alongside them were sports clubs showing off their displays with everything from hockey sticks and rugby balls to bowling balls and even some fencing swords. Being in an aviation oriented university however, the most common sight were various airplane and even some rocket components. These ranged from small model airplanes, that the clubs build, to small remote controlled aircraft flown for recreation and for competition purposes. There was even the entire empennage of what appeared to be a small aircraft that a group managed to bring into the lower hangar.
The crowd of students in this activity fair was sparse in comparison to previous activity fairs. Most of the students were there with friends talking about which clubs to join together. Not very many new students were there. Most of the new students who came in alone walked out after making new friends.
While most of the booths were in the Lower Hangar, there were some that got placed in the Wow Café section of the Student Union. This resulted in a few complaints that they had much less student traffic and as a result less of a chance to recruit people.
For a second semester club fair, the turnout was pretty good. All the club sign-up sheets were mostly filled and everyone attending looked excited. It was a win-win situation for both the clubs looking for new people and the students looking for something fun to do to take away from the tedium of schoolwork.

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