Modern “fashion” yields no small amount of idiocy and downright inappropriateness, and these traits are not limited to the realm of “high fashion”. This campus is mercifully free of many of these faults, but they are easily seen in many places, even in Prescott.

1      Leggings alone are not pants!

Leggings are meant to be worn under dresses or skirts, but recently young ladies have taken to wearing leggings, with nothing else. While this is trendy, and I do not doubt it is comfortable, it can be really disgusting at times when the very clingy spandex leaves little to the imagination. As much as the perverted guy might enjoy the snug contours on a young lady, for their own sake women should not wear leggings as pants, because it really doesn’t contribute toward men paying attention to a woman for more than her body.


2      Wearing jackets and shorts/short skirts.

In the case of a rain jacket during summer monsoons this practice can be understandable, due to the desire to keep one’s clothes dry. In the winter though, when temperatures drop near freezing, people often complain about how they are freezing while wearing big thick jackets. There is one issue, however; many of these people are also wearing shorts or miniskirts and flip flops while making this complaint. I understand the need for women to wear dresses or skirts to certain occasions, even in winter, but they could wear longer skirts with leggings beneath to keep warm. And of course, both men and women could simply choose to wear appropriately warm pants. Proper closed-toed shoes also help the wearer to remain warm during the winter. The complaints so often heard, such as “I hate how cold [insert place here] gets, I’m always freezing,” are ineffectual and useless, and can often be solved by dressing appropriately and symmetrically to the weather.


3      Uggs are not snow boots.

Many times people from climates which are not naturally snowy are under the mistaken belief that Uggs are meant to be used as snow boots. And while the company does make snow boots, the one more commonly used and known in the U.S. is meant as little more than a slipper, and hasn’t enough durability to last, or enough tread, to provide proper traction in icy conditions. The feet of the wearer are often warm, but the bruising and pain from slipping on the ice due to improper footwear is more disturbing, in my opinion.

There are other things which do not readily come to mind, but the real thrust I mean to get to is that when dressing, people should not only consider how they look, but the true practicality of what they are wearing. Showing too much, or wearing things not meant for the weather, are mistakes easily avoidable to save both you and your fellow people a lot of anguish.

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