Before the game against the Rams on Jan. 14, the Ice Eagles hosted free ice skating and pizza. People could skate with the Ice Eagle team and Ernie and then enjoy pizza after. Student and Ice Eagle Marina Koepke said, “It was fun to skate with all the people and have so much support for the team.”

The crowd was the biggest that the Embry-Riddle Ice Eagles had. Just during warm-up many students were already cheering for the team. Just by the roaring of the crowd one could tell it was going to be an exciting game against the Rams. When the Ice Eagles faced off with the Rams and the puck was dropped, Ice Eagles took hold of it. Soon after though, the Rams quickly stole the puck away. This didn’t stop the Eagles and the rally continued before the Ice Eagles got the puck and soared down the ice, trying for a shot, but the Ram goalie blocked the shot easily. Soon after the Rams took hold again, goalie Luc Coulier, number 19, made an impressive double block. After the Ice Eagles break away and attempt another shot, the Rams took it down the ice and score, making the score 1 to 0 Rams.
The Rams try shot after shot with a good ten minutes left in the first period but Ice Eagles were playing a great defense. The teams rallied back and forth, but to no avail for Ice Eagles. Eight minutes left in the game, number 10 Paul Salveson, made an impressive shot, tying the score 1 to 1. A minute later, the Rams got the upper hand and scored. The Ice Eagles took charge though, staying on offense and attempt shots on the Rams. However, the buzzer rang and ended the first period, 2 to 1 Rams.
The second period started with four minutes of rallying between the team. Both teams took shots on each other. The Rams eventually shot for the goal, and Coulier made a great block, but the Rams hit it in the goal the second time, making the score 3 to 1 Rams. The Ice Eagles rally with the Rams, and a few minutes later, with seven minutes left in the period, Salveson made another goal. The Ice Eagles were clearly ready for whatever the Rams would bring. Even after rallying for four minutes, number 86, Mitch McKenzie scored with an assist by number 4 Devon Dundore, and number 11 Dan DuBois. This tied the score 3 to 3 and marked the end of the second period.
Only forty seconds into the third period, number 91 Robert Rippe, scored quickly assisted by number 7 Brett Young. The period had started off as a battle, as the teams rallied for the first five minutes in, but number 86 McKenzie made another goal, assisted again by DuBois and Salveson. The score was 5 to 3 Eagles. The teams once again rallied back and forth. The Ice Eagles played exceptional defense and offense. With four minutes left of the game, number 14 Bill Thompson steals the puck away and makes the third score of the period, 6 to 3 Eagles. Goalie number 19 Coulier made several saves from the Rams scoring. This didn’t deter the Ice Eagles though, and with only a minute left in the game number 5, Ed Hoitt scored for the last time of the game. This ended the game 7 to 3 Eagles.
The Ice Eagles played as a team, working hard at defense the first two periods, but came back to triumph over the Rams with a great offense. This exciting game left the supporting Ice Eagle fans cheering.

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