When the puck dropped at 7:45 p.m., the Ice Eagles did not hesitate for even a moment on Jan 17. Mitch McKenzie, assisted by Devon Dondore, scored the team’s first goal in the first 30 seconds of game play. Off to a fast start, the Eagles kept heavy pressure on the Frogmen defense including several shots on the goal.

Shortly after at the 10:43 mark, the Eagles solidify their lead over the Frogmen when Paul Salveson scores a second goal for the Eagles. The Frogmen didn’t take this early lead lightly by the Eagles and starting putting some pressure of their own against the Eagle’s goalie, Luc Coulier. Both teams quickly pick up the pace taking shots, pushing for the advantage.

Just 30 seconds from the end of the first period team, Captain Brett Young surprises everyone by taking a slap shot from mid-rink which sails into the Frogmen goal securing a 3 to 1 lead for the Eagles right at the end of the first period.

It was full of aggressive game play despite neither team scoring during the second period. 30 seconds into the second period, Dondore was fouled by number 71 giving the Eagles a power play. This power play gave the Eagles just what they needed to set up a strong offensive hold over the Frogmen.

Except for a few breakaways, the Eagles kept a tight rein on the Frogmen defense. Aggressively fighting for control of the puck, both teams scramble to gain control for longer than a few seconds. As the period works toward a close, the Eagles went all out keeping the Frogmen goalie busy. They pelted him with shots at every opportunity, even with a numbers disadvantage from fouling number 77 on the Frogmen team.

The start of the third period was, without a doubt, controlled by the Frogmen who kept the Eagle’s defense and goalie busy. At 6:24 minutes in, number 6 of the Frogmen scored their team’s first and only goal. Chasing the puck back and forth across the ice, the Eagles renewed their pressure on the Frogmen. At 5:27, Dondore racks up another score for the Eagles, rallying the team for the last few minutes.

The game took a violent turn in the last few minutes. The referees made several poor foul calls, as well as a few legitimate ones, against the Eagles.  It resulted in a near continuous double power play for the Frogmen that lasted the final four minutes of the game. The four consecutive fouls called in favor of the Frogmen forced the Eagles to a defensive strategy for the remaining time.

The Eagles finished strong despite being outnumbered 5 to 3 on the ice. The game ended with a final score of Eagles 4 and Frogmen 1 continuing the Eagles 3 game winning streak.

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