By: Barbara Chearney, Special to Horizons

Information Technology

Where do you turn when you have a question about your computer, tablet, or desktop phone? Do you automatically “Google it?” What happens if it’s related specifically to your Embry-Riddle account, email, applications, or hardware? Our information technology department offers a vast array of technology-related information online that’s specific to the Embry-Riddle experience – and it’s available to you 24/7. You can even chat live with a support representative at any time! This help can be found easily, with a few short clicks, right from the ERNIE homepage: just click on “Help” in the upper right-hand corner and then “IT Support Self-Service” to get started.

Once you enter the self-service system, sometimes referred to as SNOW (short for ServiceNow), you’re entering the place where you can search the ERAU knowledge base, create requests for IT services (called tickets), view the status of open tickets, and even comment on your open tickets.
If you’re not sure where to start once you’ve logged in, just go to the bottom of the left-hand menu and click, “Reference Guide – Self Service” and review the ServiceNow Introduction and Navigation article.
Once you’re in SNOW, you can also go directly to “View Knowledge Base” to gain information.  For your convenience, knowledge articles are divided and presented by topic, such as Email, Labs, or Printing, so you can simply click on the topic and drill down from there. Or, if you prefer, you can search the database by keyword, such as “Rave emergency system” or, “ServiceNow.” If you have a specific question, you can also perform your search by asking that question. For example, you can type “how do I reset my password?” into the search field.
Because we want to offer you the most detailed information possible, search results yielded from the knowledge base can be extensive. As with many search engines, you can use quotation marks or the words AND, OR, and NOT when searching by keywords or phrase to help narrow your results.
Don’t forget, you can always add a shortcut to SNOW (and other ERAU applications) to your ERNIE homepage; just go to the ERAU Tools section toward the upper-right hand side of your screen, then click Personalize. After that, click a check mark into the box that says, “IT Support Self-Service,” then click Apply, and then OK. The SNOW icon will immediately appear in the group with the rest of your ERAU Tools.
If you have any technology questions, please email us at [] or call us directly at 928.777.6990.


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