Jobs are demanding. College is intense. When you combine the two endeavors, it sometimes becomes a pretty full bag of tricks. With classes and homework fighting for your attention plus the further responsibility of holding down a job and doing it well can be a daunting task.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the contracted leaseholders on campus are a terrific place for students to join the work force and become skilled at the fundamental steps leading to a life outside of the university.

Being on time and punching clocks, working along side co-workers and following employer rules are great lessons to be learned. To figure out problems together with input from others and carry out instructions is a tool that can be used in any future job or career.

Sodexo Dining Services is a great campus employer for the Embry-Riddle students offering part time jobs to incorporate with class time. Four of our female ERAU students are working at the WOW Café, Scholars’ Café and Simply-to-Go while helping themselves and their university at the same time.

Christina Davis is a junior from Yucaipa, Calif. pursuing an Aeronautical Engineering degree. Davis has a goal of working for Northrop Grumman Aviation designing military jets. Her original desire was to become a neurosurgeon but her father’s fondness of flying and all things aviation greatly influenced her decisions. Davis changed her career path and enrolled at ERAU. Davis loves planes “because they have the ability to do cool things.” Along with working at WOW, Davis is also employed at the ERAU Flight Line as a parts room assistant holding down two jobs and full time college classes.

Macy Middleton is a freshman from Forestburg, Texas going for her Mechanical Engineering degree. Middleton loves race car driving and has dragster fuel in her veins. She has been around competition race cars all her life and knows car engines inside and out. Middleton is naturally a member of the ERAU Jet Dragster Club and the grand opportunity to build a jet dragster clinched her decision to attend Embry-Riddle. She says, “I love the smell of jet fuel and the loud sound of the cars and the excitement of the track.”

Kristin Gibson is a freshman from Beaver Creek, Ohio attending college for her Aeronautical Science degree and wants to pilot commercial aircraft. Gibson likes traveling and has known since a sophomore in high school want she wanted to do. She received her interest in aviation also from her father who builds test missiles for US Naval Flight in China Lake, Calif. Gibson says, “I want to learn everything about flying and when I fly I want to get there myself.”

Sodexo’s newest student employee is Miranda Milligan from Olympia, Wash. She is working towards a Mechanical Engineering degree and is interested in all sorts of transportation modes and hopes to have a career someday designing for the transport system industry.

These four fine young women have laid down terrific sets of blueprints for their future. They are doing an impressive job of going to school and working too.

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