Coming back after winter break can be rough. For most of us, going back to the rigors of academia can be a huge adjustment. Over the course of break, most likely, your mind has been turned into goop from not having to do or think as much. Now… you are beginning to remember just how hard you worked the first semester, only to be dragged back from a fun break, to start the work over again. While relaxation is much needed, going straight back into the grind of school can be a major shock, and for some of us, it can be tough. Here are a few suggestions to ensure your post-holiday recovery won’t leave you off-track or falling behind:

Get Up Early

Over the break, college students tend to stay up late, and then naturally get up late. This cycle can’t last if you have an early morning class. Many students feel it is a lot easier just to stay in “holiday break” mode, even if that means missing classes, in the first few weeks. The dark mornings and cool weather in Prescott can make this difficult, so make a schedule and stick to it!

Organize, Organize, Organize

This is the time to make a schedule for organizing your course work, studying, and socializing. Time management is key in just about any environment. So remember…the student who plans ahead and who gets organized will start the semester out right.

Study, Study, Study

Chances are the first couple of weeks back on campus will be a cakewalk in your coursework. You are just acclimating yourself to the new subjects, and your professors are trying to figure out who actually cares about their course.
This is a good time to shine! It may not seem like such a big deal to start building your credibility with your professor, but this is the ideal time. By putting in an above average amount of effort right off the bat, the professor will see you in a better light all semester.
Also, if you study more and bolster your grade early on in the semester, guess what you don’t have to do as much later on?

Think, Think, Think

For the last nugget of advice, I suggest that you simply think about what a new semester means for you. It can be a chance to correct all of our mistakes from the fall, or just keep doing what worked for you before.
ERAU Counseling Services is available, and fortunately, for all students here at ERAU, counseling is free! Counseling Services is located at the Wellness Center, Building 73, in Haas Commons. Counseling services can provide a confidential and secure place to help you figure it all out!
One-on-one and couples counseling are available to fit your needs. Making an appointment to see a counselor on campus is easy! Just stop by or call the Wellness Center 928.777.6653.



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