Greetings and welcome to Horizons’ website! Having been Faculty Advisor for the last 12 years, I am proud to say that Horizons is an award winning college newspaper with an extremely dedicated staff!  I’ve been a humanities and communications professor here at ERAU for 15 years; I have a PH.D. in literary criticism, and two other degrees in related fields. Born in San Pedro, California, I have lived in Los Angeles, Nashville, Northern California, and New York City— where I drove a taxi-cab for 10 years! In my past life I made my living as an actor and musician, and I still like to rock and roll— still play a mean guitar and blues harp. I’m also an avid hunter and fly fisherman, and I love to cook Italian and Croatian cuisine (always with an open bottle of red!) Lastly, Thanks again for reading Horizons!

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