Zachary is majoring in Aeronautical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Business.  He joined Horizons during his first semester at Embry-Riddle, in the Fall of 2012.  Originally from Tucson, AZ, he has lived throughout the US.  A seasoned traveler, Zachary has toured most of Western and Central Europe, and much of Central America.  Before graduating, he would like to visit Pripyet/Chernobyl Reactor Four, to witness an entire city forsaken and reclaimed by nature.  Enjoying a wide variety of music, Zachary is a pianist at heart but has also worked with instruments from the violin to the glockenspiel.   In his free time, Zachary enjoys reading, airsoft, video games, and hiking.  A member of Model United Nations for several years, he finds history and world politics fascinating.  Zachary does his best to keep up with world events and politics.

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