Nicole is a sophomore, and has worked with Horizons Newspaper since mid-spring of 2012. She is a Global Security and Intelligence Studies major, who expects to graduate in 2015. She loves to go ballroom dancing, and is a member of the Assembly of Ballroom Dancers. Nicole also loves to read, and write stories (outside of Horizons), and enjoys video games. She grew up in Snowflake Arizona, where there’s very little excitement; yes, it does snow there. She was born in NJ, but when she was one, her family moved to AZ, where she has grown up. Nicole has three older sisters, one younger sister, and a best friend, all of whom are either in Phoenix, Snowflake, or off at college. Nicole grew up riding horses, making mud pies, and getting dirty working on building houses, gardening, and hundreds of other tasks it takes to make a home in the deserts of Arizona.

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