Brandon has worked for Horizons Newspaper for the last three years as a correspondent and an editor for one semester.  He is currently studying aerospace engineering focusing on the astro side while completing a minor in security studies.  If all goes accordingly, Brandon will be graduating May 2013.  During his time at Embry-Riddle, Brandon has been in quite a few clubs including the Prescott Campus Poker club and the Fencing club.  He has also participated in the Humans vs. Zombies competition that took place in Fall 2012. Coming from Richmond, Michigan, Brandon is the oldest of his siblings.  His sisters attend Michigan State University and Macomb Community College.  Raised by his parents, Brandon is a God fearing American who believes in this country and the values it once held dear.  Even though he’s an avid Magic the Gathering player, he supports the Detroit Lions and the New England Patriots.  Brandon loves sports whether playing or watching.

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